Recent Wazza    

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Waz & Elana's Wedding.

Brendan, Waz & Matt on wedding day.

Waz & Elana's 1st Wedding Anniversary Limo ride. 

Waz & Elana at Hocking  display.

Waz hard at work in Hocking display home. Waz at Geoff's 50th birthday party.  Waz going for Harley tour. Waz on USS Constellation aircraft carrier in Freo.
Waz climbing the Glouster tree in Pemberton. Waz looking over ocean in Esperance. Waz looking over ocean at sunset in Esperance. Waz on top of Bluff Knoll.
Waz & Sasha at Ravenswood. Waz, Ed & Sasha feeding the ducks at Ravenswood. Waz with Emma & Samuel. Waz & Samuel.
Waz, Brendan & Geoff.

Waz carrying Loser. Waz & the gang. Waz, Elana, Emma & Samuel.

Waz, Emma, Fred & Maureen.