from Ed Keay-Smith


My best mate Wazza.


One of the main things that will always stay in my mind was Wazza's zest for life and his love of people. I will never forget our first meeting when my wife Lois and I  joined Wazza's Zen Do Kai Karate class about 12 years ago. Waz for some reason took me on as his "Crash Test Dummy" and proceeded to use me for his many demonstrations on how to gouge out eyes, twist arms and many other very painful displays of his martial arts skills.

Ever since that day we have stayed best of friends.

Waz never stopped amazing Lois and I at how many people new him. It seemed that no matter where you went with him there would be someone coming up to him to say hello. One day we were on our way down south when a surfer in a VW Beetle with a surfboard strapped to the roof drove up beside us and yelled at the top of his voice "Wazza". That was a testament in itself as to how many people just loved the guy and enjoyed his great company.

Lois and I would call him the chameleon as he could adapt himself to people of all walks of life and bridge the gap to find a common ground with almost anyone. (there were a few people that managed to piss him off occasionally).

Waz has had many sayings over the years or "Wazzisms" as I like to call them. "If you can't go up the front of the mountain, then go up the back" was one, another was "It is better to live one year as a tiger than 100 years as a sheep".

Warren was the brother that I never had and the hole that has been left behind can never be filled. But what he has left all of us with is a greater desire to live life to the full and to cherish every moment we have with our friends and loved ones.

As we all continue on our journey through life and we come to the bumps and forks in the road, if you are having trouble deciding what to do, just ask yourself what would Wazza do in this situation and I believe you will end up doing just fine.

I think that God needed Warren that day as the "Angel in charge of Housing and Care" to look after all those other people that lost their lives that day and he could not have picked a better person for the job !!

It has truly been an honour and a privilege to call you my friend Waz, thankyou for all your love and support over the years and as you would often say to me as we went on our separate ways " Catch you on the flip side".

Love your mate

Eddie Munster