from Lois Keay-Smith


Thanks for being you, Waz.


Warren was our great mate, mentor and sensei.  We knew him for more than 10 years and it was a great privilege to be his friend.

 I cherish such wonderful memories of great times with Waz and Elana, trips down south, nights toasting jaffles by the fire and deep and meaningful conversations.

Warren was so upbeat, funny and a lovable larrikin.  Ed and I called him the chameleon because he could get along with absolutely everybody and anybody. He was a natural master of any personal development book we had read (and he hadn’t read!) as if he was the author.  He was comfortable in his own skin and always made others feel at ease.  He was completely unpretentious, which I especially loved about him.

Waz always pushed the boundaries – in business, life and physical pursuits. He was a real go-getter, but a big softy too.  I remember him taking in a stray old bull terrier, and with great affection calling him “Loser”.

Thank God for Wazza’s hugs and kisses each time we met and departed. He was a fine example of loving each day as if it’s the last.

Thanks for being you Waz and inspiring me to be the best I can be, in so many ways. 

Love always,